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updated  June 23, 2016

All of our parts are NEW, old stock, not available through Harley Davidson any more  therefore there is NO warranty (as of janurary 7, 2016) of any kind, other than we guarantee all parts are NEW

1.    What exactly do I get? answer
2.    What else do I need that Netgoodst® does not provide? answer
3.    How difficult is it to install? answer
4.    How big is it?  It looks like it takes up a lot of room. answer
5.    How long has this been available?  I have not seen it before. answer
6.    I have an older Road King®.  Harley use to sell a cruise control kit for my 2001 or earlier Road King® (or FLHT®) but they tell me they can't get it any longer.  Do you have a kit for me? answer
7.    Please explain the cruise indicator lights? answer   
8.    What about cruise for my DYNA®? answer   
9.    When will you have a cruise for a Sportster®? answer
10.  How do I wire this with a power commander on 2004 - 2006 Softails? answer
11.  Anything for my Police bike?  answer
12.  When will you have a kit for my 2001 or older FLHT?  answer
13.  Is your product compatible with the Fat Boy hidden handlebar wiring? answer
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What exactly do I get? 
our Softail installation kit
MAY include:
1. You get a steel, either chrome plated or powder coated mounting bracket, depending on model and year(all 2007 and newer mounting brackets are sold out).   All 2008 and newer mounting brackets are black semi gloss powder coated similar to the black frame, with a very slight "orange peel" look..
2. A chrome plated decorative cover SOLD OUT (or powder coated), hydroformed from a single sheet of high strength 6061 aircraft aluminum.   This is a very difficult, expensive process.  This part is actually made for us by a company that specializes in aircraft parts.
3. A replacement idle cable with the safety "rolloff" switch just like the switch in the roadking idle cable.  This replacement idle cable is black and is the proper length for the stock softail handlebars.   Braided stainless and Diamondback are also available.
4. A professionally built wiring harness that connects to the original softail wiring harness and the Harley cruise control module and switches eliminating any cutting, splicing, soldering, scraping, taping, etc.   This harness is made for us by a company that specializes in motorcycle wiring.
5. Very detailed instructions (summary is shown on our web site) with lots of pictures to keep you on track. 
6.  One year warranty on parts, including chrome (against flaking, peeling).
8.  The actual cruise control (Harley parts, while supplies last).   This includes the cruise control motor [servo], cable, required switches (may or may not be Harley switches, see pictures on order pages).

Road King and Electra Glide kits include
1.  A professionally built wiring harness.
2.  Very detailed instructions.
3.  One year warranty.
4.  Cruise control kits available (assembled from parts).   top of page

What else do I need that Netgoods® LLC does not provide?
for Road Kings, and Electra Glides:
1. The actual cruise control kit (seperate purchase) from Harley Davidson
®.(Netgoods now provides these, assembled from NEW genuine Harley® parts.   The part number depends on your particular motorcycle model and year.  See our  what cruise   page for details. 
2. More "e clips" (Harley part # 11193) that hold the cruise cable housing to the injection module.  The Harley Davidson
® cruise control  kit comes with only one.  They can be difficult to install and I personally have lost 4 trying to get one installed.  They are small and tend to fly away and can't be found when I fail to get one installed.  The Harley part number is 11193 and they cost about a dollar. 
3. Some small, long needle nose pliers to install the "e clip".   A telescoping magnet also helps.
4. Dielectric grease, available from most hardware or auto parts stores. 
5. More plastic wire ties to suit your needs.
6. Some help.  It works much better with two people. 
7. Towels or blankets to cover the fenders to protect the paint. 
8. Something to catch the gasoline you drain from the tank.  You
will spill some.  Guaranteed!  Drain it outside.  Wash it off.
9.  A replacement clamp for the fuel tank crossover line. 
10. About 6 hours.  Don't start this at the last minute just before you plan to ride, or when the stores will be closed.  You might need something else.

Most Softails require your choice of passenger foot boards, or, one hex foot peg extension kit part number 49352-00 ($10).

Road Kings and Electra Glides require a "cruise compatible" replacement IDLE cable with the "roll-off" switch that disengages the cruise when you close the throttle.  Get the "cruise compatible" IDLE cable for your exact year, and brand of fuel system.  See our  idle cable page for fitment.  
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How difficult is it to install?  If you feel comfortable removing the tank you should have no trouble.  It is not complicated, just lengthy.  Our instructions are from 10 pages to 40 pages, depending on your model, with pictures with almost every step.  Don't let the number of pages discourage you.   1/2 of each page is pictures, and large print.  Instructions are very detailed, but simple.  It will probably take you at least six hours.  The Harley® dealer should be able to do in about 4 hours or less since it is similar to installing a cruise on a Road King®, plus a wiring harness. top of page

How big is it?  It looks like it takes up a lot of room.  It is actually smaller than a Softail® toolbox.  About two thirds the size of the Softail® toolbox.   It will not fit in the tool box.   The decorative cover is about 3" x 3-1/2" x 8 ".  The pictures are deceiving. top of page

How long has this been available?  I have not seen it before.  Development started December of 2001.  Tested for over 140,000 miles total on five different test bikes (2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2012).. Several versions of mounts, covers, idle cables, and wiring harness were tested to find the perfect product.  Several chrome shops were sampled to find a suitable shop with a warranty.   When you call Netgoods®, LLC, you are talking to the owners. top of page

I have an older Road King®.  Harley use to sell a cruise control kit for my 2001 or earlier Road King® (or FLHT®) but they tell me they can't get it any longer.  Do you have a kit for me?  YES  We have a wiring harness that allows you to use HARLEY® cruise kit 77183-02 on your 2001 and older Road King®.  See Electra Glides and Softail carbureted  link for a lot of research we have done, and our Application chart for fitment and what to order. top of page

Please explain the cruise indicator lights?   2003 and older:  For Softails® up to 2003 you will use Harley Road King® kit 77183-02(can be supplied by Netgoods® LLC.  This kit has replacement handlebar switches that has a red "cruise on" light on the left handlebar switch set, and a green "cruise engaged" light on the right handlebar switch.  You will not be able to see these lights during hours of sunlight. 
2004 - 2006:  For 2004 - 2006 Softails
® will use Harley® roadking kit 77197-04. This kits does not have any lights in the replacement handlebar switches, since the "cruise on" and "cruise enabled" lights are in the stock speedometer for the Road King®, and is the identical speedometer used in most Softails (excluding Deluxe).  An example of these lights is seen in the 2005 accessories and parts catalogue on page 493, item "I", part number 67269-04, in the lower left corner, or on our indicator light page.  The cruise light is shown just to the left of the odometer.  This light is also in the stock speedometer for all 2004 - 2007 Softails® except the Softail Deluxe®.  This light is hidden and you cannot see it unless they are "on", or unless you use a flashlight and shine it across the speedometer.  Softail Deluxe® does not have any cruise indicator lights, but then, neither does your car or truck either (on most brands).  If the Softail Deluxe® rider wants cruise indicator lights, the speedometer must be changed.  2008-2011:  "fly by wire" is now the term used by Harley to describe there cruise control.  It is controlled through the ECM on all touring bikes.  The ECM actually turns the cruise lights on and off.  This cannot be done with the Softails.  There is NO "fly by wire" cruise control for the 2008-2011 Softail (except 2011 Softail Convertible, CVO).  We must still use the mechanical cruise control for the 2007 model (77197-07).  This prevents us from using the cruise indicator light in the 2008-2011 speedometer.  See our indicator light page for options.      top of page

What about cruise for my DYNA®?  We only build a custom wiring harness for a DYNA, the rest is up to you.  We do offer technical support.   top of page

When will you have a cruise for a Sportster®?  We do not build anything for a Sportster, and probably won't ever.   We tried, built a mount, installed a carburetor with cruise brackets.  There was no room for the cruise control cable to operate.  It hit against the cooling fins.  Now if you want us to break off some of the fins...........   top of page

How do I wire this with a power commander on any year Softails?
Just wire it in as if you did not have the power commander.  Wire it in before the power commander, between the Power Commander and the original motorcycle harness.
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Anything for my Police bike?
We have a wire harness kit for 1996 - 2013 Road King Police bikes.  Also most Electra Glide Police (see our order page for availability)
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When will you have a kit for my 2001 or older FLHT?
Available now  
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14.  Is your product compatible with the Fat Boy hidden handlebar wiring?
You will have to route the new wiring included in the cruise control kit inside you handlebars.  That may, or may not, also require lengthening the wires, depending on your handlebars.  You will also have to drill holes in the new switch housings.  See the 'special note' regarding internal handlebar wiring on our what cruise page.  We have all the proper color coded wires available, just call us. top of page

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