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updated  June23, 2016

Would you ever buy a automobile without cruise control ?   What about your motorcycle?

Hand get tired?    Arm ache?    Shoulder ache?     Cramps?      Hurt? 
Netgoodst LLC can help!     read below!
Netgoods™ LLC is NOT affiliated with Harley Davidson®

This works EXACTLY like any Genuine Harley cruise control.

1.)  Turn on the "on-off" switch for the Harley® elcetronic motorcycle cruise control.  You accelerate to your desired speed (over 30 MPH), press the "set-coast" switch momentarily and release.  Your speed is now set to the speed you were traveling.  You approach a hill.  Your electronic motorcycle cruise control senses a very minor change in speed and opens the throttle to maintain your preset speed.  You start downhill and the electronic motorcycle cruise control senses a very minor increase in speed and closes the throttle to maintain your preset speed.  The larger the hill, the more you'll notice the motorcycle cruise control opening and closing the throttle.

2.)  You want to increase your preset speed.  Simply press and release the "resume-accelerate" switch momentarily and your speed increases by about one MPH.  Hold it and your speed continues to increase as long as your hold the "resume-accelerate" switch, to a maximum of 10 MPH increase.  Release and hold again and speed increases until you release, for another maximum of 10 MPH.  Maximum speed controlled by the electronic
motorcycle cruise control appears to be about 80 MPH.

3.)  Your cruising at the safe legal speed limit and you are ready to pass another vehicle.  You simply open the throttle as normal when you want to pass.  After you pass and release the throttle, you speed is returned to the preset speed.

4.)  Your cruising and you must slow down (don't you just hate it when that happens).  Apply any brake or "rolloff" the throttle and the
motorcycle cruise control releases the throttle, but maintains the present speed in memory.  Throttle manually as needed.  When you want to return to your preset cruise speed, momentarily press the "resume-accelerate" switch (above 30 MPH) and you will be accelerated back to the preset cruise speed in memory.

5.)  Your cruising and must stop at a stop sign or light.  Pull the clutch, or apply the front, or apply the rear brake, or "rolloff" the throttle and the cruise releases but remembers your preset speed.  After your in high gear again (above 30 MPH), simply momentarily press the "resume-accelerate" switch and you are automatically accelerated back to your preset speed.

6.)  Your cruising and you want to decrease your preset cruising speed.  Momentarily press the "set - coast" and release.  Your speed is reduced by about one MPH.  Hold the switch and your speed is decreased until you release the switch.

7.)  We have installed Harley motorcycle cruise control on three different Softails
® (2002 and 2005 and 2007) and I also have factory motorcycle cruise control on my Ultra Classic®.  They all four function identically.  We have been testing since February 2002.  We put over 100,000 miles on the three Softails® and the motorcycle cruise control has worked flawlessly.

8.)  The
motorcycle cruise control will disengage by applying either brake, pulling the clutch lever, "rolling off" the throttle, switching it off, or a sudden change in engine speed (laying it down).  Turning the cruise off with the on/off switch, or turning off the ignition erases the preset speed from memory.

9.)  More information can be found in the operator manual for Harley Davidson® touring models.

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