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updated June 23, 2016

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Dave,  Got the unit it good order.  Installation was a breeze on the '01 FLHT.  Instructions were outstanding.  Rode from Chicago area to Deal's Gap and did the Dragon for the first time.  The cruise made the journey there much less fatiguing.  And thanks for prepping the unit and getting it out post-haste!  Take care, man!.  Jim
Just wanted to let you know that your product works GREAT.  Looks like it was installed at the factory.  And the instructions are the clearest, most easy-to-follow instructions I have every seen.  A picture with explanation for almost every step.  Don't know how you do it!  Thanks for the great cruise control.  Money well spent.  Worth every penny.   Bob
I bought a new H-D Road King Police in 2012, from Baer Sports Center, Honesdale, PA. I found your wiring harness advertised , I had Baer order it, brought my bike in for the first service, and had them install the harness and the factory cruise control handlebar switch kit. The mechanic ran your harness, plugged in the new switches, after removing the police ones, enabled the cruise control in the computer, and I was set. Worked great from the start, now 14,000 miles later, still works great !!! Very happy I found your company. Thanks, Bill
"I installed this kit in about 5 hours, while also adding the flush mount fuel cap kit and braided crossover fuel lines. Since mine is a 2007, the factory cruise light was in the speedo head and works like any other Harley.  The kit is easy to install if you follow the instructions (read the instructions twice beforehand) and just take your time. Be careful at the critical points and you will be fine.  An extra set of hands come in handy at a couple points.  System is now 2 years old on the bike and works flawlessly.  I also had a second kit installed (by my Harley dealer) over the winter on my 2002 FLSTS/I.  It took a few months to locate a 2002 Road King Cruise kit, but was well worth the effort.  Mine is the only Heritage Springer I have seen with a factory cruise on it.  And it also works perfectly. I have recommended this kit to several people and my local Harley dealer has installed 3 of them already.  This is a well engineered kit."  Mike, Golden Valley, AZ
"I have had this product on my '08 FLSTC for 3 years, have made 3 trips to seattle washington and back to yuma arizona and have never had a problem of any type.  It works as advertised and you would never know its an after market purchase.  It works wonderfully and with my carpal tunnel, the road trips would have been impossible with out it. Thank you .... for an outstanding product.  I look forward to many more years of great riding because of your product.  I can't praise your company enough!" Mark, Yuma, Arizona

                  My wife ....... and I want to express to you how happy and impressed we both are with the quality of your product, the accuracy of installation instruction, and mostly the ease and detail of customer support.

                  ..... had an accident 2 years ago in which her thumb was bent totally back to her wrist. After a year of healing we realized it would fatigue beyond her tolerance to be able to ride her bike after about a day and a half on the road and had to make our way home.

                  Since I ride a full dress she knew I had electronic cruise control and asked if we could put it on her Deuce. We went to our local HD dealer who is known country wide for custom bikes. After being told they couldn't do it and had never heard of it being done Julie looked at me and said, “I bet you could do it”. Being a licensed aircraft mechanic and electrician the challenge was on. While researching what was needed I ran across your web site. At first I was interested in only parts of your kit just to save me some days in the electrical fabrication. You responded with “No Problem”.  Later after further investigation I understood how your entire kit would be of benefit, not only did you supply it, you totally clued me into all the little nuances and extra parts needed to do a first rate job. Since her Deuce is a CVO bike with chrome controls and braided steel everything, not to mention internal wiring it had special issues. You gave me the needed HD part numbers, that the dealer couldn't find, and had the braided cables custom made.

                  Initial installation of your parts and the cruise kit was straight forward and would have been the short side of a Saturday afternoon. Then as you warned me of the challenges the switches and wiring were the Sunday project. The switch housings are no joy but no problem with some patience. The hardest part of the job was trying to stuff 2 pounds of wire in a 1 pound handlebar. The extension wiring you supplied was excellent in eliminating the double splicing we had to do during the first modification to bring her handlebars back. Now we have twice as many wires and fewer splices to contend with. I had multiple E clips on hand as you suggested but misplaced them by the time I had all the parts lined up. Got lucky and only needed one clip even without removing the air cleaner. Last, a heads up, if you don’t remove the protective cardboard from the brake switch the functional test phase will drive you nuts. The system road tested perfect and when I turned it over to Julie she didn't even notice the Cruisemount until I pointed it out. It is such a clean install, she couldn't be happier. I would recommend this kit to anyone and everyone. Could use a V-rod kit next.

                  Thank You so much                        Bill and .......                   Kent , Washington
"Just got my cruise control from the local harley dealer & the wiring harness & idle cable from ya'll. Installed everything following your simple to follow directions & went for a test run. Man, everything worked like the cruse had been factory installed. I turned the cruse on & set it at 55 mph. My 2000 FLTHC stayed at 55 mph up hill, down hill & in the flats. No complaints from me. This is a great product & I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks."  Ronnie, Springfield, TN
"I am very happy for you to give my e-mail address to any UK buyers of your kit if they need help or assurance about the quality of the kit. Kind regards." John,  United Kingdom
"The value is a good one. The consumer does not have to buy the crimper or spend time hunting down the connectors, connector tool or proper wire."  Kelley, Claremore, OK
"Got my cruise control on now and I LOVE IT! So glad I never gave up and finally found your web page, Thanks," James, Martinsville, VA
"I was told by several Harley dealer there was not an Electronic Cruise for my Softail which I truly needed if I was going to continue to ride. due to a Bike accident my right hand would go numb after only 10 minutes of riding so I was ready to trade it in on an Electra Glide. One day I was surfing the web and came across [your site]. I purchased as their recommendations and they hit everything right on the money. this was the easiest thing I have ever put on it took my Son and I just under 5 hours with no problems if you read through the instruction manual first. I have had it on for almost two weeks now and I have been able to ride every day. Stating one of the comments made on this Cruise, This has been the ABSOLUTE best thing I have ever bought for my Softail. now there are three Harley shops in the area where I live wanting to see it.
One more thing I have to say there was one slight glitch during the installation that was my fault but I called and they returned my call the same day to get me going, even while they were on vacation out riding, Now that's customer support."                                                  Bill, Casa Grande, AZ
"I was going to trade my Softail for a Roadking because I really need cruise control.   Now I can keep my lower Softail."
"I really enjoy my cruise control.  I can ride longer and am not near as tired when I stop."
"My wife has a Softail and I have a Roadking.  Now we both can have cruise."
"I am more relaxed now, and can rest my right hand."
"I love it.  I don't have to mess with that damn thumb screw anymore."
"I can cruise on the highway now and not be ran over going uphill or run over someone else going downhill.  This is real cruise control."
"I can't see why everyone wouldn't want this"
"It took me a long time to install it, but it was worth it after all.  I'm very happy with the results"
"I feel safer now,  I can watch the traffic and not the speedometer."
"I believe this is the best solution I've seen yet.  I like the idea of using Harley parts."
"Now that I have it, I would give up chrome before I world give up cruise!"
"I finally got cruise control on my police bike.  Thanks"
"You guys did a great job on the wiring harness, very professional."
"Got the harness, got the cruise and got it all installed. I couldn't be happier. Everybody told me I was nuts to tackle the job myself, but with a little patience and following your excellent directions, it went very well. Thanks for a great product."    Keith
"...your product, service and professionalism are the best."
"Just completed a 3200 mile trip and having the cruise control on the long highway trips was a life saver."  Kenneth - WI
"The wiring harness is very professional.  I liked the fact that I didn't have to cut up the factory wiring to install it."  Corey - ND
"Got the harness, Got the cruise and got it installed.  I couldn't be happier. Everybody told me I was nits to tackle the job myself, but with a little patience and following your excellent directions, it went very well.  Thanks for a great product."  Keith - IA
"God I'm glad I got it."  Craig
"Probably the best accessory I've added to the bike!"  Jim - Lenexa KS
and from Harley Davidson® dealers:
"This looks nice.... like it was supposed to be there."
"WOW!  You've really got something there."
"I put this on my own bike.... love it..... I can sell these with confidence."
"This was the best set of instructions I have ever dealt with...."

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